Our Values We Live By…

Solid rock energy solutions, LLS is built on values we hold to be extremely important in life and in business:

  • Glorify God - our leadership keeps this as the goal in all we do. We strive to have spiritual, economic, and social impact in the lives of our customers, coworkers, and vendors.

  • Integrity - We are committed to honesty and authenticity. When we give our word, it means something and we conduct our affairs lawfully.

  • Value creation - we are focused on long-term economic value creation for our customers and for society, so we are compelled to achieve superior results.

  • Value people - we are passionate about serving our customers the way we want to be served. We also love to develop leaders and organize our business in order to maximize their strengths.

  • Truth - we are systematically in pursuit of truth in regard to our customers individual needs as well as the market in general. We tell the truth and work hard to maintain objectivity.

  • Humility - we strive to regularly understand our deep need for god. We are committed to humility and intellectual honesty.